How to get involved

Getting involved with Ochil View

There are a range of different ways you can become involved with Ochil View and participate in our decision making process:

• Give feedback on the service we provide to you. We record all feedback we receive and use this to help to improve service, wherever possible

• Visit our Facebook page and leave a comment there. If you’re a Facebook user, search for Ochil View.  You’ll see our logo and a picture of Ochil House on our page.

• Attend meetings of your local Resident’s Association. We currently have 1 registered Tenant Organisation at The Charrier, Menstrie.

• Start a local Residents Association: We will provide practical support and training and a start-up grant to meet any costs you incur.

• Attend meetings of the Involved Resident’s Group - this group meets every 3 months at Ochil View’s Office to discuss proposed changes in Policies and service developments. Meetings last about 2 hours and you don’t have to be a member of another group or represent anyone else. We’ll pay your travelling expenses to and from the meeting, or provide transport.

•  Become a member of Ochil View – any tenant can become a member and stand to be elected to the Management Committee at the AGM or if any vacancies arise during the year

• Register to complete online surveys or surveys by post.  Leave your details at 

• Tell us your email address and we will  let you know when there are new surveys online to be completed

• Come on an estate walkabout with us – we’ll tell you on Facebook and by text when one is happening in your area.

• Send you views by text to 07860020474

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