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This page gives details of your Housing Services Officers, information about anti-social behaviour, estate inspections, the landscaping and stair clearing work we undertake, how we subsidise bulk uplifts and our plan to subsidise the provision of garden waste collection.

Your Housing Services Officers

Housing Services Officers provide a complete housing management service to tenants and housing applicants.

Find out who your Housing Services Officer is and what areas they cover

Anti-Social Behaviour

All tenants should respect the right of their neighbours to enjoy a peaceful and quiet home environment. It is unfortunate that, even with the best intentions, problems can sometimes arise in a community or between neighbours.

Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement, you agreed not to annoy, disturb, harass or cause a nuisance or distress to your neighbour.  You also agreed not to allow anyone living with you or visiting you to act in any of these ways.

We have a policy on how we deal with Anti-Social Behaviour.

We recognise that anti-social behaviour can have a serious effect on complainants and therefore aim to respond as quickly as resources allow. We acknowledge that complaints that are not addressed promptly may lead to escalation. We therefore set out the following timetable for response:

  • Type 1 Anti-social behaviour affecting people: We aim to resolve within 15 days
  • Type 2 Anti-social behaviour affecting communities: We aim to resolve within 21 days

This categorisation is flexible. If a Housing Services Officer feels that the circumstances of a particular report require a more rapid response, they have the discretion to make this decision and prioritise the complaint accordingly.

Advice and Information

Estate Inspections

The Association carries out regular inspections of its estates to ensure they are maintained in a good condition.  During the inspection staff record any areas of disrepair, untidiness and check the condition of any common landscaping that the Association is responsible for.

We undertake estate inspections of every development 3 times each year.  Details of our inspections are published monthly and can be accessed below:

Specific dates and times of inspections will be posted on Facebook and text to tenants prior to the inspections being carried out.

Would you like to get involved? Would you like to see any changes in your estate?  What do you think we could be doing better?  If you would like to discuss any issues or feedback within your estate, please contact us on 01259 722899.

Estate Management Policy

Landscaping and Stair Cleaning

We undertake landscaping and stair cleaning services at some of our developments.  Where this applies to your development, this is included in your rent.  Details of our landscaping and stair cleaning specifications can be found below.

Bulk Uplifts

Ochil View subsidise our tenants towards the cost of a bulky uplift.  To find out how this works in your area, see below.



Contact Clackmannanshire Council directly on 01259 450000 with details of your uplift.  You will be given instructions on what can be uplifted and you will require to pay at the point of arranging the uplift.  The uplift service is limited to 8 items per single uplift. The Association subsidises the uplift service and you are entitled to two uplifts per year at a reduced cost of £20 each (or 1 double uplift if more than 8 items).  If you require an additional uplift or have more than 8 items to be uplifted in a single visit, this can still be processed however you will require to pay the full rate of £40.  We subsidise a total of 20 uplifts per month across our stock and you may be advised when you call that this limit is reached.  You can then choose to pay the full £40 or wait until the next month.  Black bags do not form part of the bulk uplift service and Clackmannanshire Council will not lift these.  If you do have black bags, report these to Clackmannanshire Council and necessary information will be passed back to the Association to action.


Contact Fife Council directly on 03451 55 00 22 and arrange and pay for your uplift.  The Association will reimburse you £15 towards each uplift by Fife Council.  To qualify you need to provide us with a copy of your receipt, clearly stating your name, address and the amount paid.  We will then send you a cheque for £15.

You are entitled to two uplifts per year at a cost of £15 each.

For more information please visit -

Garden Waste

Please note: - This only applies to tenants in Clackmannanshire Council areas.

Clackmannanshire Council now charge for the collection and disposal of garden waste which requires the purchase of a permit to allow your brown bin to be collected.

 The Association subsidises this service which is for tenants with gardens who require their garden waste collected.  For example, if you have a hard-landscaped garden (e.g. slabs, paving, chips) with no garden waste we will not subsidise you.
If you would like to be included in the permit scheme please contact us on either of the following methods:
➢ By telephone to our office on 01259 722899

➢ By email to 
Once you receive your permit all enquiries relating to collection dates, contamination or any other aspect should be directed to Clackmannanshire Council who run the service.