Your and Our Responsibilities

As a tenant, you must take good care of your home and not cause damage to any part of it.

Repairs and Maintenance responsibilities are set out under section 5 of your Tenancy Agreement. We will carry out most of the repairs needed in your home however there are some exceptions and it can also depend on how the need for repair arose, for example if you have been careless or negligent then this will be rechargeable.

Some examples of the most common items that we would recharge tenants for are: -

  • Lock changes if you have lost your keys;
  • Board up of windows/doors, unless a crime reference number is provided;
  • Re-glazing of windows and doors, unless a crime reference number is provided;
  • Electrics tripped if caused by an appliance;
  • Blocked drains if caused by hair, food waste, soap scum etc.;
  • General damage by tenant.

For a full list of repairs that are tenant’s responsibility please see the “Home Repairs” section in your tenant handbook.

Ochil View Housing Association cover your property for building insurance however the contents within are tenant’s responsibility.  We strongly recommend that you insure the contents of your home.  More information can be found on the insurance section of our website.

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