Repairs and Improvements

Reporting Methods

As an owner only certain repairs can be reported and generally these will cover the common areas of your development.  For specific information on what repairs are covered please refer to your own Development Schedule or Factoring Agreement (if applicable).  You can also find general information in our Written Statement of Services.

A repair can be reported using the following methods: -


As an owner, you are responsible for the cost of maintaining, repairing and where necessary, renewing the parts of your home.  Repair, maintenance or renewal of parts of your home will only be undertaken by the Association where it is an insured peril.

Repairs and Maintenance responsibilities are set out within your Development Schedule, which includes any specific liabilities for repairs costs within your development.


Ochil View Housing Association will arrange and periodically renew a Block Common Policy of Buildings Insurance and will arrange repairs where the need arises through an Insured Peril.  Further information on this can be found in our Written Statement of Services and your Development Schedule and Factoring Agreement (if applicable).