Profile of Lets

Every quarter we will publish below our outcomes showing information on the number of lets we have made through our Homehunt allocation system, the profile of applicants we have housed, the average number of bids per property and the average time between registering and being housed.  This information is anonymous and only for statistical purposes.

Profile of Homehunt Lets April 2020 -March 2021

Total number of properties let (Clackmannanshire) 79

Number advertised on homehunt 60

Average applicants per property 54

Properties let to applicants with Homeless Gold 7

Medical Gold 1

Medical Silver 16

Underoccupation Silver 8

Overcrowding Silver 2

Accumulative Silver 1

Overcrowding Bronze 5

Flat Transfer Bronze 3

Seperated Household Bronze 0

Housing Circs Bronze 15

Personal Circumstances Bronze 0

No Priority 2


Average number of days since registration 615