Paying Your Charges

Payment Options

We produce invoices for factoring services on a 6-monthly basis.  These are issued in April (to cover the period October to March) and in October (to cover the period September to March).  Payments are due within 29 days of invoice.

You can pay by either:

  • Direct Debit – please contact a member of staff and we will set this up for you
  • Online, through our payment’s agent
  • At any Post Office or Paypoint. You will need your Ochil View “swipe card” to do this. Find your nearest paypoint.
  • By debit or credit card over the phone to our office between (9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, except bank holidays):
  • At our office (but we’d prefer that you used one of the other ways to pay)

Your Charges

Charges are applied based on the services you receive as an owner and include a Factoring Deposit, Management Fee and payment to our Renewals Fund.  For more information on charges please refer to our Written Statement of Services.

Management Fee Increases

In accordance with your factoring agreement and our written statement of services, we will review this annually to reflect any increases in costs, inflation, changes in service provision and insurance premiums.  Notification of changes will be made to homeowners in writing, including details of the change and the reasons why.

Difficulty Paying Your Charges

If you have difficulty paying your fee or charges, you should let us know immediately. We can give advice and information that can help you to keep out of debt and we can negotiate an affordable payment plan to catch up on any overdue amounts.  

It is your responsibility to make sure you pay any charges or fees on time and to contact us if you can't pay.  If you do not contact us or if you do not keep to agreements that you make, we may take legal action.

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