Our Aims and Objectives

The Association’s corporate goal is:

"to provide quality, affordable and sustainable housing and associated services for people in housing need whilst protecting the long-term viability of the Association".

The corporate goal is underpinned by a number of Strategic Objectives;

  1. To invest in its existing housing stock to ensure that the Association provides the highest standard of accommodation possible (Strategic Objective 1) (Asset Management)
  2. To provide a comprehensive and responsive customer service to tenants, sharing and factored owners which supports sustainable tenancies and delivers customer satisfaction (Strategic Objective 2) (Customer Service)
  3. To actively promote and support resident engagement in the management, maintenance and development of their homes (Strategic Objective 3) Resident Participation)
  4. To contribute to the supply of high quality, accessible, secure, affordable and sustainable homes where financially viable (Strategic Objective 4) (Development of new homes)
  5. To ensure that the Association’s work is underpinned by effective financial, administrative, and management processes set within a framework of effective corporate governance (Strategic Objective 5) (Financial Management & Governance)
  6. To ensure that OVHA recruits and retains sufficiently trained and experienced Committee members and suitably qualified staff and satisfies all health, safety and environmental requirements and legislation (Strategic Objective 6) (Human Resources and Health & Safety)

Each Department prepares an Annual Plan and within these are set operational objectives, each of which either directly or indirectly relates to one or more of the above strategic objectives, and articulated in separate Departmental Service Plans.  These are monitored by the appropriate sub-committee

Fair Work First Statement