Near Me

Near Me is a video consulting service and is a web-based system the helps us communicate with our tenants and applicants by way of a video call. This will enable greater flexibility for appointments or meetings and will limit the need for travel for our customers and staff.

Near Me is easy to use and can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or computer with webcam and speaker.  The only cost involved is internet usage (like other video call platforms) and staff will be able to offer appointment times to suit our tenants or applicants. We will be able to provide support and services to customers in their own homes.

There are many advantages to using Near Me such as: -

  • Enable physical distancing: Near Me enables services to continue to be provided without potential exposure to COVID-19 or footfall into the office. It also enables our staff to work remotely.
  • Deliver person centred and convenient delivery of service: Near Me enables people to attend appointments from the location of their choice. This can reduce travel, minimise time taken off work or school, and make it easier for people who need carer support. Near Me can enable an interpreter, support worker or family member to join an appointment remotely.
  • Address environmental imperatives: by reducing travel, Near Me improves the move towards net zero and the carbon footprint of services. Reduced staff travel can also increase service capacity.


Near Me Waiting Area

If you are invited to attend a Near Me appointment then to access the meeting and enter Ochil View Housing Associations waiting area click on the start video call below  


More information about Near Me can be found on the leaflet below 

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