Board of Management Biographies

Margaret Baxter (Chairperson)

Margaret Baxter Pic 1

Margaret is the current Chairperson having been first elected to that position following the Annual General Meeting in 2019.  Joining the Board in 2010, Margaret is one of the Association’s tenants.

Margaret serves on the Customer Services, Finance, Audit & Corporate Governance and Health, Safety, Environment & Human Resources Committee.

Jim Savage (Vice Chairperson)

Jim Savage 2023

Jim joined the Board in July 2022.

Jim is a retired solicitor who has lived in Clackmannanshire since 1985.  Jim worked in the civil and criminal courts and has worked closely with Social Work Services around the needs of children and families. He has been closely associated with Ochil View Housing Association since its inception in 1989. He is familiar with the Association's aims and ethos.  Jim will bring his local knowledge and legal expertise to the Board.

Susan MacKay B.Acc (Hons) CA (Treasurer)

Susan MacKay B.Acc (Hons) CA (Treasurer)

Susan is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years in audit, risk management and governance practice, specialising in both public and the social housing sector, and has been a Board Member since 2018.

Susan is the Association's Treasurer and is also Convenor of the Finance, Audit & Corporate Governance Committee.

Graham Collie BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying

Graham Collie BSc (Hons) CIHCM

Graham was elected to the Committee in August 2015.  Graham is an Asset Project Manager for a Scottish Housing Association.  He has a degree in Quantity Surveying and is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing. 

In addition to his housing experience, he has worked in local authorities and in private contracting.  Graham’s understanding of the challenges faced by RSLs, along with his direct experience of asset management and procurement is an invaluable asset to the Association.

Graham previously held the positions of Treasurer and Vice Chairperson of the Association.  In addition to his Board Member duties, he is also Vice Convenor of the Finance, Audit & Corporate Governance Committee. 

Tom Brown CPFA

Tom Brown CPFA

Tom is the longest serving member of the Board of Management having been first elected in 1999 and has served as both Treasurer and Chairperson.

Tom serves on the Finance, Audit & Corporate Governance Committee where his lengthy career as an accountant and manager of support services, in both the public and private sectors, is of considerable benefit to the Association.


Teresa McNally MBE

Teresa McNally MBE

Teresa was formally elected to the Board in 2000 having had various terms as the local authority representative, whilst an elected councillor between 1988 and 1999. Teresa is a former Chairperson, having served in that role between 2003 and 2010.

Teresa is a retired health practitioner and has extensive experience in numerous non-executive roles within local government, central government agencies, the health service and the voluntary sector.

Teresa is Vice Convenor of the Health, Safety, Environment & Human Resources Committee.

Teresa is a former Chairperson of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and was awarded an MBE in 2018 for services to community housing.

Teresa is an EVH Executive (Board) Member and a Judging Panel Member of the Scottish Saltire (Housing) Society.

Dr Lynne Brierley

Dr Lynne Brierley BA (Hons)

Lynne joined the Board in June 2014.  Lynne has a BA (Hons) in Business Studies, a Masters in Research and Business Management (MRes) and has a PhD in Business and Management.

She previously worked for the Department for Work and Pensions, has experience of voluntary work with the Citizens Advice Bureau and, as one of our tenants, provides a strong tenant voice on the Board.  Her skills and experience in these areas are extremely valuable, particularly during a period of major welfare reform.

Lynne currently serves on the Health, Safety, Environment & Human Resources Committee.

Adam Brown

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Adam joined the Board in July 2023.

Adam is a local housing professional and understands the importance of well-governed RSL's to the communities they serve and brings a diverse range of experience to the Board regarding tenancy management including arrears, void and ASB management.

Adam has witnessed first-hand the difference good-quality, well-maintained homes and neighbourhoods can make to people’s lives.


Shirley Ritchie

Shirley Ritchie

Shirley joined the Board in September 2023.

Shirley has a Postgraduate Diploma in Housing Studies and an SQA Professional Development Award in Housing Law Advice.  Shirley is a local authority employee and has substantial knowledge of the statutory and regulatory requirements that social landlords must adhere to. She has previously worked in the voluntary sector and has a wealth of experience providing housing, welfare and income maximisation advice and understands the importance of good governance and how this can mitigate the impact of inequality.  

These diverse skills bring a positive contribution to the board. 

Sandy Hunter

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Sandy joined the Board in September 2023.

Sandy grew up in the local area.  He has an MSc in Housing Studies and has a robust understanding of the social and commercial housing sectors from a strategic perspective.

His academic knowledge of housing governance, legal and regulatory requirements, housing quality and standard monitoring and evaluation, tenant engagement and satisfaction approaches, housing integration with health and social care are a great asset to the Board.