Anti-Social Behaviour

All tenants should respect the right of their neighbours to enjoy a peaceful and quiet home environment. It is unfortunate that, even with the best intentions, problems can sometimes arise in a community or between neighbours.

Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement, you agreed not to annoy, disturb, harass or cause a nuisance or distress to your neighbour.  You also agreed not to allow anyone living with you or visiting you to act in any of these ways.

We have a policy on how we deal with Anti-Social Behaviour.

We recognise that anti-social behaviour can have a serious effect on complainants and therefore aim to respond as quickly as resources allow. We acknowledge that complaints that are not addressed promptly may lead to escalation. We therefore set out the following timetable for response:

Type 1 Anti-social behaviour affecting people: We aim to resolve within 15 working days

Type 2 Anti-social behaviour affecting communities: We aim to resolve within 21 working days

This categorisation is flexible. If a Housing Services Officer feels that the circumstances of a particular report require a more rapid response, they have the discretion to make this decision and prioritise the complaint accordingly.

Advice and Information

ASB Leaflet

Neighbour Problems Diary

Tenants Handbook Leaflet 15 - Being A Good Neighbour

The Noise App is a quick and easy way to record noise which is causing an annoyance or nuisance

How it works

Instantly record noise nuisance on your smartphone to create an accurate record of the problem and how it affects you.

Once you’ve recorded your evidence, you can send it to Ochil View to investigate.

The recordings are uploaded onto a secure site that your Housing Officer can access. They will a make a judgement of the noise and what action is necessary. You can make as many recordings as you need and each recording lasts for up to 30 seconds.

You will need a ‘smart’ phone  to use this app and broadband is recommended so it doesn’t use your mobile data allowance.

Download the app

  • iPhone users please download the app from the App Store 
  • Android users please download the app from the Play Store

Once you've downloaded the app, follow the steps to create an account and search for 'Ochil View HA' when asked for your Investigator / Housing Provider.

Once you've downloaded the app

It will guide you through making your first recording and sending it to Ochil View, but if you need more detailed instructions please download and read the Noise App Public Information Sheet 

If you need any assistance downloading or using the app, please feel free to call us during office hours and your Housing Officer will be happy to help.