Near Me

Ochil View have launched a new video calling service called Near Me which uses the Attend Anywhere platform. This is a web-based system that will help Ochil View offer video call access to our services as part of our usual operations.

Near Me

  • 13 Apr 2021

Near Me is a video consulting service that uses the Attend Anywhere platform. This is a web-based system the helps public sector providers offer video call access to their services as part of business as usual operations.

Near Me is transforming the way people are accessing public services across Scotland. Ochil View are delighted to be using this service to provide support and services to Ochil View tenants and applicants in their own homes.

Near Me may be used as a standalone method of meeting or as part of a blended approach that includes in-person and telephone contact. It will enable staff to contact tenants by a video call. This will allow us to provide greater flexibility for meetings whilst limiting the need for travel for you or our staff.

Near Me is easy to use and can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or computer with webcam and speaker.  The only cost involved is internet usage (like other video call platforms) and staff will be able to offer appointment times to suit our tenants or applicants.

Further details can be found on our Near Me webpage