Publications - The Association has recently :

Submitted its 2nd Annual Assurance Statement to the Scottish Housing Regulator; completed its annual report on compliance with the Social Housing Charter and received its most recent Tenant Satisfaction results. We have made all of these publications available to read here.
  • 18 Dec 2020

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In September 2020 the Association commissioned an independent Tenant Survey to gauge service user’s opinion on the Associations response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and also on its new digital tenant portal My Home.

We are pleased to report that the summary results were that:

  • almost nine in ten (87.5%) of tenants felt supported by the Association during the coronavirus pandemic;      
  • most tenants (83.6%) were satisfied by the way the Association managed its services during lockdown;
  • just under 2/3rds of tenants (65.4%) had heard of the Associations digital tenant portal “My Home”.

Full consideration of the results will now take place in order to establish how services / communication can continue to be improved.

A copy of the report can be found Covid-19 and My Home Tenant Survey Report 2020.