West Fife

Key Info

Contact Details

Telephone: 01259 722899

Email: customerservices@ochilviewha.co.uk 

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri:  9am - 5pm


Local Housing Officer

Linda Ure

Linda Ure

Ochil View provides 177 homes in the West Fife Villages of Oakley, High Valleyfield, Newmills and Blairhall.  All our homes in West Fife are let in partnership with the Fife Housing Register.

Estate Management / ASB issues and information

Our stock in West Fife is managed by Linda Ure.

Anti-social Behaviour and Estate Management Priorities over the next few months include, inspection of closes and bin store areas, particularly at Old Mill Lane, Oakley.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss any estate management issue please contact Tel:  01259 722899 or customerservices@ochilviewha.co.uk

Local Investment Plans

Ochil View currently has no plans to undertake any new developments within your area.  However, we are continuing to invest in improvements and repairs to our existing properties.

In 2019-20 we are investing:

£29,200 on new boilers to Tinian Crescent

£209,000 on smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the majority of our developments;

£15,300 on cyclical decoration to Tinian Crescent, Newmills and Carlyle Street, High Valleyfield.