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Telephone: 01259 722899


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Local Housing Officers

Christine Thomson

Christine Thomson

Marian Kelley

Marian Kelley

Sandra Marshall

Sandra Marshall

Our management area of Tullibody includes two parts – the 479 homes in the LSVT stock acquired from Scottish Homes and 132 homes of new build property. Together, these make Tullibody out largest management area.

Estate Management / ASB issues and information

Our stock in Tullibody is managed by Marian Kelley, Christine Clark and Sandra Marshall.

Key Priorities for Estate Management

  • Encourage individual tenants to keep their own garden areas tidy.
  • Encourage residents to take care of communal and shared areas in their estates

I would ask residents to report any matters to me and this can be done anonymously.

Key Priorities for Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour

Encourage residents to report anti-social behaviour as soon as possible and also to report situations to the police as they are happening. Ochil View shares information with the police and by working together we can be more effective in dealing with anti-social behaviour.

If something has happened in the street or an open area, do not assume that someone else has told us – make sure you let us know.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss any estate management issue please contact Tel:  01259 722899 or customerservices@ochilviewha.co.uk

Local Investment Plans

Ochil View currently has no plans to undertake any new developments within your area.  However, we are continuing to invest in improvements and repairs to our existing properties.

In 2019-20 we are investing:

£209,000 on smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the majority of our developments;

£71,700 on cyclical decoration to Ladywell Drive/Place, Redlands Road, St Serfs Road, Northwood Road, Delphwood Crescent, Firs Road, Paterson Place, Newmills, Crofts Road, Stirling Road and Westview Crescent.

£13,500 on improving the doors and secure entry system at Alloa Road;

£78,000 on repairs and renewals to garden retaining walls in Wallace View, Broomieknowe and The Braes.