House Exchange

Ochil View are currently in the process of changing our online exchange system. From  1st October 2015, we will change suppliers and the service will be provided by House Exchange. We have made this change to provide better value for tenants.

We plan to transfer any tenant currently registered with Homeswapper so that you can continue to seek an exchange partner and a home that meets your needs. This service will continue to be free of charge to you, as it is at present.

A letter will be sent to all tenants registered on Homeswapper week beginning 17th August 2015 as we need your permission to transfer your data to House Exchange. Please contact us to confirm that you agree to your details being transferred. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you do not give consent to the transfer and we will not provide your data to the new service.

If you are not registered with Homeswapper and would like to register on House Exchange you can do this from 1st October 2015. Please contact a member of the Customer Services Team if you would like help with this.